MY24 Road Owl and Manta Ray releases

New Age Caravans have just launched the all-new MY24 Manta Ray and Road Owl range, with three sizes – each with two variations – available to order now through your New Age Caravans Adelaide dealership but only exclusively at this year’s Let’s Go Caravan Show.

The MY24 Manta Ray comes in 19ft, 18ft and 16ft sizes, all with ensuites as standard, with all three sizes available in standard or Adventurer models.

Once inside one of the new MY24 caravans and you’ll notice a stylish new redesign of furniture and lighting that has eliminated the use of roof mounted downlights, lifting the aesthetic with LED strip lighting throughout.

In the dining area you’ll find redesigned seats with more cushion depth and lumbar support than ever before. In the kitchen area, you’ll discover a stylish new microwave surround that’s been designed to keep your microwave safe and secure even when travelling over bumpy roads.

A recessed cook top has now been added extending the use of the bench top for more preparation area and more space – but it doesn’t stop there. The new interior also features handy reading lights with three adjustable settings that accompany a new wireless charger for the bedroom area.

The Adventurer models have the independent suspension, combined with the Walkinshaw designed galvanised chassis, meaning the caravan is ready for all terrains.

All MY24 Manta Rays will have the Bosch Tow Assist Electronic Stability Control fitted as standard, to ensure the highest possible safety on the road, as well as lithium charger options on all four caravans, for those taking their trip off-grid.

The range also has complete Vehicle Type Approval as per the upcoming Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) introduction.

The Australian Design Rules (ADRs), which the Vehicle Type Approvals are associated with, are national design rules that mandate minimum safety standards, dimensional requirements, structural requirements as well as performance and emission targets for all vehicles that are registered for travel on Australian roads. The RVSA ensures that the process of building a New Age Caravan is documented and structured to ensure repeatability during the manufacturing process from start to finish.

An MY24 Manta Ray Ensuite and MY24 Road Owl bunk caravan will be on display at his year’s Let’s Go Caravan Show with prices starting from $79,000.


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