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New Age Caravans Adelaide

New Age Caravans Adelaide your designated SA dealership with a large range of new New Age caravans and used caravans for sale. New Age Caravans – Designed for the Road Ahead.

The first New Age Caravan came out of production in 2008. By 2009 New Age Caravans had produced 7 different prototypes and designs. The product was taken to the market with an overwhelmingly positive response. New Age has been rightly credited with revolutionising the caravan Industry. Their devotion and commitment to the R & D of a modern contemporary caravan design has placed them at the forefront of the industry.

The year ending 2010 New Age Caravans were building 20 caravans a month 240 per year this gave them the catalyst needed to take the business into its next phase. By the end of 2012 they had their own retail arm staff had increased by 40% and New Age Caravans were producing over 800 caravans a year, this was achieved through improvements in design, quality and overall business acumen.

A new manufacturing facility was established in 2013 in Epping Victoria. This expansion underpinned the level of growth the company had achieved in such a small period of time. Production had increased as had the focus on detail, the purchasing process and most importantly the advancement of designs and options available to a burgeoning customer base, with 10 model ranges and 35 layouts available.

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Here at New Age we hold ourselves to the highest standards of design, manufacturing and after sale support. As an assurance of quality, we offer a 3 year manufacturer warranty and 12 months of New Age Assist with every purchase of a new caravan/camper through our dealerships.

Travel Australia with peace of mind knowing that New Age Assist is here to help. Flat tyre? Locked out fo your van? Broken down? Need to let family and friends know or require general assistance? If you’re a New Age Assist member, we're here to help.

Are you passionate about your New Age caravan. Want to dress yourself and your caravan and look the part. Check out the New Age merchandise here and promote the New Age brand - experience all that this great country has to offer in your caravan.


We have made a large investment in our service department including staff technical training so all of our valued clients have peace of mind that their caravan is in the best possible hands.

No matter what brand of caravan you own, we can do your full log book service and any other servicing requirements including repairs and maintenance, wheel and brake checks, appliance testing and tuning, suspension inspection and expert caravan advice.


Well if we could give them 10 stars we would, what a great experience, from the time we entered their yard – by accident, because we where a cross the road at another place- we had the most pleasant buying experience ever, at no point where we pressured in to buying, it was just about our needs and if we find something that will suit us, well we did, Leanne and Ben where very professional and helpful, and last but not least, when you pick up your Van and you meet Noel, who explains everything about the Van to you, than you know, you bought from a company who actually cares and takes pride about their product, we are as happy as happy can get, 10 out of 10 , for a 5 star experience!!







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